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Somehow, when fall arrives, the leaves know.

Marcelo Schejtman

"The Perfect Imperfection" 


This is how I see humans.

This is how I see leaves.


Both of them are non-symmetric organisms.

While their shape seems as if growing in symmetry, their true being is far from that. Imperfection is what makes them individuals, unique in every possible way.


As a photographer, as an artist, my main goal is to capture a timeless image so that every time you view it you will feel reinvited to experience a new dimension - a different angle, gaining a new perspective on what you think you first saw.


At times I find what I am looking for with one click of my camera, and at other times I can spend night and day traveling in shapes and images, seeking the face that hides within each leaf.


For me, we humans are very similar to a leaf on a tree, giving and taking, as we feed on the roots from deep within. For even when we do fall, we are transformed into the forever, evolving movement of life.







My name is Ascaf. I was born in Israel in 1976.  At the age of three,
I emigrated with my family to Mexico, returning to Israel at the age of 21.

My split identity, a direct result of living two very different lifestyles opened me up to many journeys around the world and exposed me to countless fascinating cultures. I was, and still am, inspired by my experiences of new and refreshing art forms which I meet along the way.


I love working with artists from all over the world, especially those who come from the fields of dance, music and portraiture, shooting both indoor and outdoor landscapes.


I have a great passion for experimenting with new and old photographic techniques.


All this enables me to get a glimpse of where we humans have been, to reflect upon and to hopefully better understand where humanity is going.

Solo exhibitions

- Centre for Performing arts Suzanne Dellal, Israel

  Ensamble Batsheva workshop with photography and exhibition 2007

- Batsheva Dance company Final works with Grand photography    
  exhibition 2008

- Levontin Gallery Bar, photography exhibition, Israel 2009

- Boostan, center for performing arts, Netanya 2010

- Maria Kong company, drawing and photography exhibitions
  (4) 2010-2014

- Center for performing arts “Hamachsan” “Exfoliating” in collaboration with Or and Oran dance company 2013 

- Columbia College Chicago, USA 

   "Off Stage" Photography exhibition of Israeli dance scene.








Collective exhibitions

- Fotogram, Amsterdam, 2006

- Flowers photography festival, Delegacion Cuahutemoc,
  Mexico City, 2007

- Artishowk collective art, Tel Aviv, Israel 2008

- Museum "Af Al Pi Chen". "SEA" Exhibition. Haifa 2009

- Simon de Pury Auction at Suzanne Dellal performing art center,
  dance photography exhibition, sold all 4 works, 2010

- Habustan, Center for performing arts, Netanya, 2013

- Municipal gallery, Herzliya, 2014

- New Acropolis, Tel Aviv, 2014






Formal Education

2002-2006: Photography College Quiryat Ono, Israel

2002: Fotogram school of photography, Amsterdam

1998-2001: Industrial design at Design Academie, ORT Singalowsky, Israel 

1982-1994: Colegio Hebreo Sefaradi, Mexico city

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