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In this exhibition, Ascaf shows a collection of works, 

in which physical and metaphorical presentations 

off stage dancing performances are explored 

from different viewpoints. 

In his works he challenges the choreographer and 

dancers to perform in different environments than 

those they are comfortable with, such as the 

studio and stage, a transition he believes will enrich 

the process and the final work by adding 

different and new layers.

In the images, it is possible to see the fascinating 

encounter between the piece and the location and 

to find out more and more about the story and 

intentions of each piece.


Ascaf’s inspiration for taking the choreographers

and their pieces out of the black box of the theater, 

is his curiosity with the world of dancing that 

was established along the years. 

Ascaf observed dance pieces without his eye 

behind the lens, constantly fantasizing where the 

piece could exist if not on stage, 

and what different environments would do to the 

dance piece. 

This curiosity, lead Ascaf and the choreographers 

to a journey to explore places, lights, 

moments and movements. 

The final goal is to expose the essence of each 

dance piece in its most deepest form, and 

finally creating a piece that involves dance and

photography that stands by itself.


Ascaf is a photographer for many Dance and Theater companies as well as independent performing artists in Israel.

Dance companies: Batsheva, Or and Oran, Dana Ruttenberg, Barak Marshall, Maria Kong, Sahar Azimi, 

Klipa theater among others.

Partner at daxgroup, creative group for the music and art industry.

Ascaf was born in Israel in 1976.  At the age of three, he emigrated with his family to Mexico, 

and returned to Israel at the age of 21. His split identity, a direct result of living two very different lifestyles 

opened him up to many journeys around the world and exposed him to countless fascinating cultures. 

Graduated MTA in Industrial Design and MTA in Photography.


All prints are printed on Hanhemuhle paper 308gm

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